The Asphalt Scam

by Steve Wagner

Over the years, the City of Solon has encountered many types of scams. The most recent involves a work crew posing as a legitimate asphalt business. The scam has targeted businesses in Solon and the surrounding area as well as some residences.

Here is how the scam is run: A person posing as a “manager” or “supervisor” of an asphalt company will approach a business or residence and claim that they have leftover materials from a previous job and that they need to use up those materials. The “supervisor” claims that they will give a good deal to the business or residence should they use them. If the customer agrees to some work, the asphalt company will complete the work and will often do more than was agreed upon. When the work is complete they will then approach the customer and demand more money. The approach is often done with several males as an “intimidation factor.” A business recently paid out over $2,000 for unauthorized work done.

As with any company in the city, anyone doing any work or soliciting for business should have a valid City of Solon permit on hand. As a rule of thumb, one should also be suspicious of a company that solicits without a permit. I also personally never give my business to any company that I am not aware of and have not researched thoroughly. In addition, you should never give any personal information to someone who calls you or comes directly to your door.

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